Companion Animal Courses

ANSC 112. Companion Animals in Society-3 cr.

Examination of the history, evolution, and future roles of companion animals in human society course. The companion animal industry, governmental policies and laws, and sports and competitions involving interactions between companion animals and humans will be explored. Special emphasis will be given to canine and feline species. Restricted to: Main campus only.

ANSC 285. Companion Animal Management-3 cr.

Introduction to care and management course of companion animals. Topics will include understanding of common varieties of pets and their place within human cultures, domestication, breeding ethics, nutrition, management, and health care topics.

Image of Tarantula

ANSC 311. Companion Animal Behavior and Training-3 cr.

An examination of the behavior course of companion animals and the role that genetics, physiology, neurobiology and domestication have played. Training methods and problem behaviors will be examined. The influence of companion animal owners in shaping their animal's behavior will be explored. Emphasis will be on canine and feline species.

ANSC 312V. Companion Animals and the Human/Animal Bond-3 cr.

The science behind the human-animal bond course. An examination of the interactions between humans and companion animals and the effects on human health and wellness. Cultural and geographical differences in the human-animal bond will be explored. Topics will include Animal Assisted Activity (AAA), Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), and service animals. Emerging and future uses of companion animals in human-animal interactions will be discussed.

ANSC 390. Internship-1-3 cr.

Professional work experience under the joint supervision of the employer and a faculty member. A written report is required. No more than 3 credits toward a degree. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Graded S/U.

ANSC 412. Companion Animal Health and Diseases-3 cr.

Examination of the differences between infectious and non-infectious diseases course and the basics of the immune system. Pathophysiology and treatment of common diseases affecting canines and felines and the role the pet owner plays in pre-disposing their animals to disease. Prerequisite(s): ANSC 370 or consent of instructor.