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In 2010 the Animal and Range Sceince department added an emphasis in Companion Animals taught by Dr. Gaylene Fasenko. The companion animal industry is growing yearly, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) yearly spending on companion animals in the United States has increased since 1994 ($17 billion) to the current high of $60 billion in 2014! As the companion animal industry grows, so will the need for animal scientists that have a special knowledge of companion animals.

The companion animal courses offered in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences cover the domestication, history, physiology, husbandry, human-animal bond, and health and diseases of the many different types of animals that society now views as 'companions'. While the focus of the program is on the two most popular pets in the U.S. (dogs and cats) other animal species such as birds, rodents, reptiles, and even amphibians are studied. Students from all around campus are able to take the companion animal classes, one being a viewing a wider world class. Students are able to receive a minor in Human-Animal Interactions through the Department of Animal and Range Sciences. There is flexibility for students to take a companion animal industry or science option.

ANSC 311-Client Info Sheet

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Do you have a dog or cat with a problem behavior that is driving you crazy? Let the students of Animal Science 311 (Companion Animal Behavior and Training) help you! All you need to do is read and fill out a Client Info sheet and return to the ANSC 311 professor, Dr. Gaylene Fasenko by Friday, September 2nd. The students will be placed into training teams of 4-5, who will then use scientifically based training methods for you to incorporate with your animal to help modify the undesirable behavior. We understand many animals have multiple behavior issues however, we want you to choose just one problem behavior.

  • Client Info Sheet
    ANSC 311 Information Sheet for Potential Clients 2016. Please read. Fill out the last page and return to the professor, Dr. Gaylene Fasenko ( by Friday, September 2nd.

If you have further questions please contact the Teaching Assistant (TA), Claren Wilson

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